Koldwave’s Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Solutions

Temporary Spot-Cooling Units for Residential to Commercial Applications

Koldwave’s water-cooled portable air-conditioner solutions with heat pump offer maximum versatility with minimum effort. Our complete line offers cooling capacities from 6,300 to 34,700 BTU/HR, as well as heating capacities from 7,000 to 38,500 BTU/HR. Simple to install, these water-cooled systems are ideal for a variety of settings, including homes, apartments, laboratories, and hospitals.

Safe and effective, Koldwave water-cooled portable air-conditioner solutions are a smart alternative to air-cooled units when ducting is not an option. Our systems use a steady supply of water, from either a closed water loop or faucet, to provide reliable spot cooling wherever and whenever you need it. Koldwave units also feature a digital control panel for easy operation and use an environmentally friendly refrigerant (R410A).And like all of our temporary spot-cooling solutions, Koldwave water-cooled portable air-conditioner solutions can take any environment you throw at it: quiet enough for an office yet rugged enough for a commercial space. Designed to install quickly and operate effectively every time they are put into use, these dependable, efficient systems keep pace with your customers spot-cooling needs.