Koldwave’s Air Cooled Portable Air Conditioner Solutions 

Temporary Spot-Cooling Units for Residential to Commercial Applications

Koldwave’s air-cooled portable air-conditioner solutions are a smart, effective way to address your customers’ temporary spot, supplemental, and emergency cooling needs. Our complete line offers cooling capacities from 13,200 to 92,000 BTU/HR, allowing you the flexibility to provide your customers with the right system to solve their specific spot cooling challenges. This can include portable air conditioning during new construction or renovations, short-term HVAC support in case of emergency, and even spot cooling at an outdoor event.

Koldwave’s air-cooled portable air conditioner solutions are made to take a pounding. Ready to operate right out of the truck, our durable systems install quickly and easily in any light industrial or commercial setting. Yet their quiet operation also makes these air-cooled portable air conditioners ideal for residential or office applications. Koldwave comes with simple to connect ducting accessories, which allows users to easily vent air to the outside or an unoccupied space for effective operation. Our units also feature a digital control panel for easy operation and use only environmentally friendly refrigerant (R410A).